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Executive Director: Ms. Dana Y. Wilson

Digital Business Card:

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Dana Wilson is the part-time Executive Director of the National Educational Network. Inc. (NENI).

NENI (which is pronounced nen-ee), is an educational 501c3 non-profit based in Central New Jersey. NENI was established in 2005 and reorganized in 2014.

NENI hosts several online programs including the NED group, a national Linked In group for 550+ Non-Profit Executive Directors, predominantly in the Tri-State area. Ms. Wilson brings 25+ years of non-profit experience with particular strengths in grant writing, economic development, urban planning, technology, health and human services, education, workforce development, and volunteer management. 

Ms. Wilson is the Past President and founding member of the NJ Chapter of the Grant Professionals Association (NJGPA).  Under her leadership, NJGPA earned Chapter of the Year Awards in 2018 (for most members recruited and retention) and 2019 (for member retention). She also served as a grant reviewer (judge) for the NJ Department of Education and the NJ Office of Faith-Based Initiatives. She is also the founding Treasurer of the NYC Metro Chapter of GPA.

Ms. Wilson is also the President of Trinity Support Services, LLC, a consulting firm focusing on economic development, urban planning, faith-based initiatives, and professional development for non-profits and minority and women-owned for-profits.  She is also the volunteer Executive Director of the Mt. Calvary Community Development Corporation in Jersey City founded in 2020.  Mt Calvary CDC provided coats and more than 1,000 bags of food during the Covid19 pandemic. Her husband Rev. Steven Wilson, Sr. is the Pastor.

Ms. Wilson has a unique background including serving as a staff writer for several newspapers including the Star-Ledger.  She also previously served as the Director of the Mercer County Educational Technology Training Center. She received her BS in journalism from the University of Florida in Gainesville.

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