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OUR PASTOR: Photo Gallery

Pastor David Ford, Sr. with First Lady Rev. Sharae Ford at one of his Pastor Anniversary celebrations. Pastor Ford was installed as Pastor of St. Matthew Baptist Church in 2000.

Aug. 2014
Ordination Ceremony of First Lady Rev. Sharae Ford and Rev. Steven Wilson, Sr. 

Pastor Ford (top right) and a group of pastors share a happy moment, followed by prayer during the Aug. 2014 joint Ordination Ceremony of First Lady Rev. Sharae Ford and Rev. Steven Wilson, Sr.


Pastor Ford has been working hard on social justice issues with community leaders.  Pastor Ford is 3rd from the right side, standing next to Archange Antoine (second from the right)

Pastor Ford is on the right side with the black cap on.

“The time is now our elected official show the people of New Jersey that are placed above wealthy campaign donors and political ambitions,” the clergy coalition said in a statement. “We need public servants who give the people of New Jersey hope and faith in our system of government. The present court room of the street where trial and sentencing are carried out must move from our communities back to its proper place, the court house. Now is the time to show that despite funding gaps we, as a community that mutually affirms the dignity of all people, value life more than politics as usual. - NJ Clergy Coalition for Justice

Thank you Senate President Steve Sweeney, Senator Shirley K. Turner and Senator Sandra Bolden Cunningham for answering the call of the NJ Clergy Coalition for Justice to introduce legislation for an independent prosecutor to handle investigation and prosecution of crime involving death caused by law enforcement officer. Together we can work toward re-establishing the community’s trust in our justice system. Thank you the ACLU of New JerseyNAACP and NOBLE- Northern NJ Chapter for your support.

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