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NED Programs and Services


The Non-Profit Executive Directors (NED) meet in-person monthly in New York City.  We plan to have events in other states in the near future. We also have ongoing discussions online via Linked in and Meetup.  Although NED participants are mostly from the Tri-state area, we have about 350 Executive Directors from across the country participating.


NED is a project of the National Educational Network, Inc., (NENI) a 501c3 nonprofit. For more information about NENI, go to


Best Practices, Tools and Resources

This section will contain links to valuable resources.


In 2017 we'd like to hold a conference in the Tri-State area.  Stay tuned.

Networking and Collaboration

At our in-person meetings, we incorporate some networking time.  We also have online collaboration through social media.  Join the discussions by visiting the links below.







Seminars and Webinars
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