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NED Video Archive (2nd qtr 2015)

* NED Google+ page with all past recordings: 


MAY 2015


Here is the link to the May 2015 "Fundraising for Nonprofits" Recording: (see times below and Slideshare links for panelist presentations) 

- "To Gala or Not to Gala" (by Beth-Ellen Keyes) ~00:33:30, 

- "Working with your Board of Directors" (by Rachael Barrett) ~00:48:26 

- "Grants at a Glance" (by Dana Wilson) ~01:05:52 




June 2015


Please see below links to our June 2015 meeting with a panel discussion on "Strategic Planning and Budgeting." 

* Strategic Planning and Budgeting: 

Slideshare uploads: 



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