About the Company "Entrepreneurs"




In 2004 The Company Entrepreneurs was started in Plainfield, New Jersey to give all new young entrepreneurs, established business owners and organizations the opportunity to promote their endeavor through vending events with tables at the low cost of $25.00.  The company also held multiple business networking events that were considered by a lot of  the local and state-wide New Jersey business owners to be very helpful when it came to finding that missing link to their businesses advancing…at yet again unbeatable prices!!!


 Now in 2015…. after having grown in the areas of networking, marketing and community relationship/partnership building, I have decided to share my years of experience and made the obligation to educate the new entrepreneurs and the established businesses and organizational entities who are always looking for new and effective business building techniques. The company’s 2 hour training seminars with networking consist of very simple strategies which will help to resolve some of the most overlooked and biggest mistakes that people make when starting their own businesses or organization.


The strategies that have been designed by the company are for the individual proprietor but can become be ten 10 times more effective with the help of a very small promo team/staff.

In conclusion I wish you success and continual growth in your endeavor and hope to work with you soon.


Mr. Maurice Huff